Megabite Restaurant Brokers helps you value, sell, broker or buy restaurants, bars, nightclubs - restaurant valuations - restaurant appraisals

We built a very successful brewpub in Rowlett, thanks to great employees and customers. Jeff's firm completed a business valuation and then found an awesome buyer for the business. I recommend using his business valuation and sale services!

Kevin Lefere, President, Bankhead Brewing Co. LLC

"MegaBite Restaurant Brokers have truly been an outstanding business experience. They have far exceeded our expectations in such professional and a timely manner. We were pleased with the confidential handling of the sale of our business and were quickly presented with well-qualified buyers. I was especially impressed with their honesty and integrity thru the process. Jeff got us the best possible price and terms for our business. His after-sale follow-up and support was exceptional.  We would highly recommend Megabite Restaurant Brokers to other business owners."

          Larry Stern, Sterns Catering Co

"Jeff is the consummate business broker. A true professional, he easily outshines the competition. I've employed Jeff on 3 occasions, and he has done a magnificent job in getting my restaurant sold to another operator. Trustworthy and honest as the day is long, his expertise extends well beyond just the normal needs of brokering a business. He has an uncanny knack of reading people, distinguishing the tire kickers from those who genuinely want to purchase a business, and he does so with 100% integrity. A solid communicator throughout the various stages of selling the business, there is a reason I've used him several times. Simply put, there is nobody better."

Jed Friend, Danny D’s BBQ

"Jeff personally handled the sale. When we started the process he told me exactly what to expect and how to handle each situation. The sale went smoothly and was handled very professionally. I found Jeff to be a person of integrity and honesty.  I’ve sold many companies but none were handled THIS WELL !"

Wayne Hilton, President, DineRite International

"We are extremely pleased with the entire process of listing and selling out business with Jeff Adam.  Jeff gave an evaluation of our business and sold it in a short period of time.  In addition to the quick sale, the entire process was very easy and smooth.  THANKS FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO !"

Ray Otten, Mr Jim’s Pizza Justin #94

Megabite Restaurant Brokers helps you value, sell, broker or buy restaurants, bars, nightclubs - restaurant valuations - restaurant appraisals

"Jeff Adam and his staff did a great job for me regarding the sale of Railhead Smokehouse. After 11 years I decided to sell and could not be more pleased.  From the valuation of the business all the way thru to post-sale follow up, everything was spot on. I had no idea there were so many details to this type of sale and Jeff handled it all. Very discreet, honest, confidential, timely and professional. I highly recommend Jeff Adam and his company."

Burt Parnell, Railhead Smokehouse

"As our broker, Jeff was instrumental in the successful sale of our restaurant.  He guided us through the process in a very professional and timely manner.  We very much appreciated his expertise and his dedication. We highly recommend Jeff as a business evaluator/broker."

 Christa and Dieter Paul, Cafe Expresso, Dallas.

"Mark and I would like to extend to you our deepest thanks for all that you have done to broker the sale of our catering business.  We want you to know that your knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed and that we have been proud to have you represent us during the process.  Although we are small business in comparison to your average client, we feel that you provided us with the same care and attention you would give your largest client.
Thank you again for your diligence with regards to the marketing and sale of our business through to closing.  We appreciate it and would highly recommend your services to anyone who might need to buy or sell a business."

 Danielle and Mark Anderson, Niche Caterer

"Congratulations on a job well done! It has been a pleasure having you on my side through this journey. You have an innate ability to ‘connect’ with people and establish a rapport that helps to consummate the deal. The entire process has been handled discreetly and confidentially from initial valuation through closing.  I strongly recommend Jeff Adam to anyone considering buying or selling their business."

 Ron Stein, President, Food Manufacturer/Distributor

"Jeff, thank you for finding a great buyer. First meeting to closing ... Only 45 days! You're the best!"

 Jeff Dean, Mr Jim’s Pizza

"Jeff has represented us in several transactions during the past 30+ years.  His service has been impeccable.  Everyone involved envies the level of service that he has provided.  Communications are typically far superior to what we experience from other professionals.  We often get a phone call returned after just leaving the message!  We strongly recommend Jeff and his company!"

 David & Nancy Roach, Partners –Agriculture Business


Megabite Restaurant Brokers helps you value, sell, broker or buy restaurants, bars, nightclubs - restaurant valuations - restaurant appraisals
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jeff for completing the sale of our brewery.  From the beginning, he was upfront and professional about what steps needed to be taken by either party in order to get the ball rolling.  Jeff was very familiar with our industry, which helped tremendously in getting the right valuation that helped in completing the selling phase of the process.  We always felt he took the time to understand our needs and concerns and why we were making the tough decision to sell our business.  I was always able to call Jeff, even when he was on vacation, he was checking in to see how we were doing!  If at any time, I was feeling uneasy about the way things were progressing, he was more than willing to discuss these concerns and make any adjustments necessary to ease my concerns. Jeff was instrumental during the due diligence phase once we received an offer.  He provided us with a qualified buyer and assisted both parties through this phase which led to a very uneventful “successful” closing!"

Chris Deible, Woodcreek Brewing Company LLC

Jeff, thank you for your professional guidance through the sale of my restaurant.  You discreetly and confidentially handled the details and communications while I was 1000’s of miles away. I appreciate it!

 Bobby Valentine, Bobby V's Sports Gallery Cafe

"We are career professionals approaching retirement and seeking a restaurant/bar to own and operate in our post-corporate lives.  We reviewed a number of opportunities and rapidly became disillusioned with the unprofessional, duplicitous brokers who seem to believe that honesty is just another variable.
            Thankfully, we became involved with Jeff Adam and his team at Megabite Restaurant Brokers. Jeff reviewed our background, finances and goals and gave us an honest assessment of the business under consideration. He explained its strengths and weaknesses as well as offering suggestions to make it more successful.  He systematically guided us through the entire process with few, if any, surprises.
            Jeff "technically" played the broker but, in reality, has served as our consultant and confidant.  He has taken our often anxious sometimes frantic calls before, during and after the sale and always projected the calm demeanor of a professional businessman.  We highly encourage anyone considering a similar purchase to contact Megabite Restaurant Brokers first – not last."

Robert Rausch, The Back Porch Grill & Tavern

Megabite Restaurant Brokers helps you value, sell, broker or buy restaurants, bars, nightclubs - restaurant valuations - restaurant appraisals

"Thank you for again handling the sale of my restaurant. Megabite Restaurant Brokers was very professional. They answered all of my questions and quickly returned my phone calls and emails. You prepared an excellent marketing profile and had me meeting with your network of buyers in no time at all! I strongly recommend Megabite to any owner considering valuing or selling their restaurant. I have already referred several owners to you who are thinking of selling!"

Sincerely, Amarendar Reddy, Viceroy Indian Restaurant

Megabite Restaurant Brokers helps you value, sell, broker or buy restaurants, bars, nightclubs - restaurant valuations - restaurant appraisals

"I have the pleasure of working with Jeff on several occasions. He is extremely clear and to the point in communicating with others which shows his knowledge and competency in his field. He is very prompt in returning calls and answering emails even though, I am sure, he is in high demand and very busy. He is a man of strong character. In his business, he deals with many confidential situations and you can trust that he is very discreet."

Susan Ferreri, Commercial Realtor, via LinkedIn

Megabite Restaurant Brokers helps you value, sell, broker or buy restaurants, bars, nightclubs - restaurant valuations - restaurant appraisals

It is our pleasure to strongly recommend Jeff Adam. Jeff helped us from the very beginning to the end during our Business acquisition, his knowledge and guidance helped us tremendously through this very new process for us. Jeff was always reliable and on time on our scheduled calls/meetings and available when needed. He was always very thorough, honest and explained things in great detail. We truly appreciate all the guidance, encouragement and help we experienced. If you have no idea of how or where to start to purchase a business, Jeff is your man!

Marcos and Karina Heredia, Purchasers

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