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Megabite Restaurant Brokers, LLC are grateful for the opportunity to confidentially and discreetly help you buy, value or sell a business.  We have an extensive network of restaurant, bar or nightclub business buyers looking for established, profitable businesses.  This is a testimonial just received  from a prospective purchaser.  

We have 100’s of testimonials from business buyers and sellers.  Many of these buyers provided testimonials after successfully purchasing a business in which we represented the SELLER of the business.  These buyers are willing to confidentially and discreetly share their experience with you.  Please contact us should you wish to speak with them.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for taking the time on MON night to discuss business ownership and the acquisition process.  Both your insight and your candor are greatly appreciated.  I can see why Mark Crumblish spoke so highly of you and your expertise.  As you recommended, I will remain patient and look forward to hearing from you when an opportunity may present itself.”

Name Available by Request, Prospective Purchaser

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Megabite Restaurant Brokers can help you buy, sell or value a restaurant, bar or nightclub business? You can discreetly and confidentially contact a broker at Contact Us, read other testimonials at Client Testimonials, search buyers at SEARCH OUR BUYERS or research more info here if you just want to understand how to SELL A BUSINESS.

Prospective Small Business Purchaser Testimonial – CALL OR EMAIL NOW !