Restaurant Valuation

What is my Restaurant Valuation, Nightclub, or Bar Valuation?

          Do you know how much your bar, nightclub or restaurant valuation is?  You should! Often times, the owner’s perception of their restaurant value is significantly different from what the market thinks. Having a restaurant valuation is one of the best first steps to take before you sell it. You’ll not only learn what price to expect should you market your restaurant today, but you will also gain insight into your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

          If the restaurant valuation doesn’t quite meet your expectations, we can help you develop a plan to reinforce the strong points and fix the weak points. By taking this step, you’ll improve restaurant valuation and begin preparing for your future sale.


Our Approach

Neutral, 3rd Party Endorsement is Key

          At Megabite Restaurant Brokers, we believe that it’s important that a 3rd party valuation firm conducts an independent study of your business and the market, and provides an unbiased opinion on your restaurant’s valuation.  Of course, we’re happy to provide a restaurant opinion of value tailored to your specific situation.  Ultimately, should you decide to go to market with your business, the owner is responsible to establish the asking price and terms that best fit your goals and specific situation.

Proprietary Process and Tools

          From years of experience, Megabite has developed tools, templates and an efficient interactive process that gathers the right information, packages it correctly and effectively communicates the value of your restaurant, bar or nightclub.

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