Escrow & Closing Services

          Congratulations! You’ve found a buyer for your busineess, or maybe you’ve found a bar or restaurant that you want to buy, but wait – you don’t know how to get the deal done?

We Can Help!

          MegaBite Restaurant & Bar Brokers can facilitate all aspects from Offer to Purchase to earnest money deposits through to all necessary closing documents. We are professional, trained and experienced and we will advise both parties on all aspects to get to closing. And we do it confidentially and discreetly!

           Here’s a short list of some things we can facilitate:

  • Offers to Purchase
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreement
  • Coordination between all Parties
  • Lien Searches
  • d/b/a’s
  • Promissory (Seller-Financing) Notes
  • Escrow Instructions
  • Liquor License Agents and Management Agreements

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