Sell Restaurant – Bar

          Simply stated … Megabite Restaurant Brokers helps you to discreetly and confidentially sell your restaurant, bar, or nightclub from start to finish. We do it with a highly-disciplined process that moves your transaction quickly while allowing you to confidently focus on running your business “by day” and peacefully sleep at night.



          All concepts, all types. Whether your business is a small family owned, quick service restaurant or tavern, or a large, upscale, full-service establishment, we can value and sell your restaurant, bar or nightclub.



          If you are a Supplier to the Restaurant industry, including equipment distributors, food and beverage suppliers, etc., then we can value and sell your food service business.



          What is your restaurant, bar or nightclub business worth? If someone walked into your business and made an offer to buy it, how would you know if it was a good offer? Our team and associates have facilitated thousands of business valuations.  Our process helps you know what your restaurant, bar or nightclub is worth.   Don’t “leave money on the table”;  know before you decide to sell your restaurant, bar or nightclub.

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          The most foresighted business owners today realize that putting a plan in place 1, 3, 5 or even 10 years before they sell their businesses is a key to maximizing the value of the business. We can analyze the status of your business, work with you to determine what actions will add the most value to your business, and produce an action plan for you to increase the value or your restaurant, bar or nightclub.