Networking with Investors and Buyers to Sell your Business

Networking with Investors and Buyers to Sell your Business

First impressions can sometimes make or break a deal. Here are 3 tips for networking with investors and buyers to sell your business.  Here are a few Quick Tips

Meghan Daniels
Managing Editor, Axial Forum

#1 Exude confidence.
“When speaking directly to investors, exude confidence and communicate your strong conviction of the success factors that are driving your business,” says Peter Formanek, Founder and Managing Partner at Young America Capital.
Capital providers and potential buyers “really want to understand the economic opportunity,” says Formanek. They will ask different sets of questions depending on whether your objective is to sell or raise capital. “That said, if you’re contemplating both, articulate that too. It all comes back to your clarity of messaging.”

#2 Don’t discuss price.
“We want our clients to remain pristine throughout the process,” says Dexter Braff, President of The Braff Group’s Braff. “Don’t provide buyers with any reports or exhibits” that your investment banker hasn’t reviewed (if you have already engaged a banker).

#3 Be yourself.
“Regardless of what is exchanged during the meeting, what the buyer or management team is really focused on is, ‘Do I trust this person? Do they have vision?’ It’s the soft stuff that turns a good deal into a great one,” says Braff.

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Networking with Investors and Buyers to Sell your Business